First, we are client focused and constantly working to improve programming.  We offer training for individuals and groups in overall fitness and self-defense/self-protection.  Our instructors have various certifications, including Krav Maga, hand-to-hand combat, and weapons.  Second, our trainers not only train you on how to defend against attacks, but also how to avoid getting attacked by being observant and vigilant. We also host parties as well as fitness and self-defense workshops for individuals and businesses.


Roy Williams

Roy has earned four Krav Maga instructor certifications. Roy, who is a lawyer, often discusses the legal aspects of self-defense as he teaches techniques. He enjoys working with all age groups. His clients’ ages range from five to the mid-sixties, and he enjoys hosting parties for individuals and corporate events. Contact Roy at Roy@safeandstrongfitness.com.


Jason Denzer

Jason is an experienced Krav Maga instructor, who has studied Muay Thai and Japanese discplines. Jason has earned three instructor certifications in Krav Maga and is a co-founder of the Urban Combatives Great Lakes Study Group. Jason’s classes are fast-paced and intense! Contact Jason at Jason@safeandstrongfitness.com.